Eizan-ji Temple

Eizan-ji Temple, the temple of the Shingon Buddhism Toyoyama group in Nara Prefecture Gojo. It was founded by Fujiwara Takechimaro. Buddha is Yakushi. Is known for certain is the architecture of the Nara period Octagon Hall(national treasure).

Kongo-ji Temple

Kongo-ji Temple is a temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism in Nara Prefecture Gojo. 1822, as a trigger that at the time of this ordinary priest planted the peony as a raw material for medicine, has been popular as a temple of peony. Peony Festival will be held through early May from the

Niukawakami Shrine Shimosha

The shrine where founded and the oldest deify God of water by the Emperor Tenmu. It's worth a glance in the stairs where heaven developed highly to the peak. Seventy-five steps of wooden stairs can see only at this shrine only in Japan, and are must-see.