Tachibana-dera Temple

Tachibana-dera (橘寺) is a Buddhist temple in Asuka, Nara Prefecture, Japan. It is affiliated with Tendai Buddhism. Foundation time unknown. Prince Shotoku (the Crown Prince who played an active part in 6-7 century) is called a born place. It was a large temple in the 8th century, but only some of the

Oka-dera Temple

Oka-dera (岡寺) is a major Buddhist temple in the historic Asuka area of Nara Prefecture, Japan. Its formal name is Ryūgai-ji (龍蓋寺, "Dragon Lid Temple") and is associated with the Shingon-Buzan sect. It was founded by Priest Gien (義淵) during the 7th century, and is the 7th temple on the Kansai

Asukaimasu Shrine

This is an ancient shrine surrounded by a solemn atmosphere. In this shrine, which attracts the worship of those praying to conceive a child, smaller shrines are lined out in the shrine grounds and there are a number of yin-yang stones. The ‘Onda Festival’ which is held on the first Sunday of