Shoseien Garden

Shosei-en is a second residence of Higashi Hongan-ji, that originally was constructed as a retreat of the chief priest Sen'nyo (1602-1658). This place is also called Kikoku-tei (Trifoliate Orange Mansion) because it was surrounded by trifoliate orange trees. The garden is a Chisen-Kaiyu-Shiki teien (pond stroll garden) with buildings such as

Bukko-ji Temple

Bukkō-ji (佛光寺 Bukkō-ji), also known as the "Temple of the Buddha's Light", was originally named Kosho-ji, a Jōdo Shinshū temple in the Yamashina ward of Kyoto, which later moved to the heart of Kyoto. The temple was founded and officially opened by a disciple named Ryōgen in 1324, but by