Ofuna Kannon Temple / Ofuna Kanagawa

The building of the statue of the "goddess of mercy of the white robe" at the Ofuna Kannon-ji was organized "in general defense of the Fatherland" by Kentaro Kaneko and traditional nationalist Mitsuru Touyama, who had participated in the drafting of the Imperial Constitution. Originally praying for permanent world peace,

Ankokuron-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

This temple is the spiritual relic of the Matsubagayatsu hermitage of the great priest Nichiren. A rocky cavern called “Gohokutsu” or “Nichiren Iwaya,” which became the base of the hermitage, is located across the main hall. In this Gohokutsu, he wrote the petition, Rissho Ankoku Ron , to be presented to former

Tsuginomiya Shrine / Urawa Saitama

According to tradition, it is founded by approximately 2, 000 years ago by Sujin emperor of the royal command. In certain literature, the name of this shrine is listed in the "Engishiki Gods Named Book" is a Code of Emperor Daigo has ordered the compilation in 905 years(middle of Heian period). In