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Asakusa Shrine / Asakusa Tokyo

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[Asakusa Shrine]

The Asakusa Shrine had its origin in the joint enshrinement of Hinokuma no Hamanari, Hinokuma no Takenari, who picked up the image of Kannon, the main idol of the Senso-ji Temple, from the Sumida River, and Haji no Matsuchi, who made the image as the target of the people’s worship.
The present shrine building was reconstructed by Tokugawa Iemitsu in December 1649.
It is highly rated as the representative building of the Gongen structure of the early Edo Era, and has been designated as an important cultural asset of the nation.
The Sanja Festival, held in May every year, is one of the three biggest festivals in Tokyo.


[Hikan Inari Shrine]

In 1854 when the wife of Shinmon Tatsugoro was bedridden with a serious illness, he prayed at Fushimi Inari-sha Shrine.
She subsequently made a complete recovery and the following year to show his appreciation, he built a small shrine and called it Hikan Inari-sha Shrine.
The derivation of this name is unclear, but”hikan” can be taken to have the meaning of “success in life”.
The present shrine is the original one.
It is approximately 1.5 meters by 1.4 meters and is sheltered by a covering roof.
Shinmno Tatsugoro was active as the leader of the tenth division of the local fire brigade.



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