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Anyo-in Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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It has been said that Gionzan Chorakuji which Hojo Masako, also called the general in nun’s habit, built in Sasamegayatsu to pray for the soul of her husband, Yoritomo Minamoto, was the predecessor of this temple.
Later at the end of the Kamakura period, it was moved to where Zendo-ji had been(the current location) and became Anyo-in.
Anyo-in is the posthumous name of Hojo Masako.
In 1680, the temple was burned down; therefore, Tashiro Nobutsuna, serving Yoritomo, moved the Kannondo Hall of Tashiroji which he built before.
Then the temple became “Gionzan Anyoin Tashiroji”



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