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Anrakuju-in Temple

Name 安楽寿院 / Anrakuju-in Temple
Adress Takeda Nakauchihatacho74, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-8446
Hours Open

Anrakuju-in (安楽寿院) is a Buddhist temple in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan, built by former-Emperor Toba in 1137.
The temple houses a number of Important Cultural Properties and the emperors Toba and Konoe are buried in the grounds.
The Ashikaga estate from which the Ashikaga clan derived its name once belonged to Anrakuju-in.

Important Cultural Properties
painting on silk of Amida descending with twenty-five bosatsu (絹本著色阿弥陀二十五菩薩来迎図) (Heian period)
painting on silk of Fugen Bosatsu (絹本著色普賢菩薩像) (Heian period)
seated wooden statue of Amida Nyorai (木造阿弥陀如来坐像) (Heian period)
inscribed gorintō (五輪塔) (1287)


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