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Ankokuron-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This temple is the spiritual relic of the Matsubagayatsu hermitage of the great priest Nichiren.
A rocky cavern called “Gohokutsu” or “Nichiren Iwaya,” which became the base of the hermitage, is located across the main hall.
In this Gohokutsu, he wrote the petition, Rissho Ankoku Ron , to be presented to former regent Hojo Tokiyori on July 16, 1260, wishing for peace and stability of Japan and happiness of people.
On the 27th of the following month, the hermitage was attacked by people who harbored strong hostility toward Risho Ankoku Ron.
This is called the “Matsubagayatsu Persecution”.
There is “Nanmenkutsu” where he found temporary shelter in the mountain behind the main hall.
The temple grounds are decorated with various seasonal flowers and autumnal leaves, among which the mountain cherry tree beside the Goshoan is said to have grown from the walking stick of the great priest Nichiren which took root in the soil and called “Myoho Zakura.”
The tree, together with camellia and crabapple on the grounds, has been designated a natural treasure by Kamakura City.



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