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Akabane Hachiman Shrine / Akabane Tokyo

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Akabane Hachiman Shrine is famous as a spot where you can see up close the Shinkansen or train.
Not only in Japan, but also came to be visited to interview foreign TV and newspapers.
From the left side of the shrine, you can overlook the scene running in Keihin Tohoku Line , Utsunomiya Line and Takasaki Line.
And Shinkansen has run under the precincts.

“Akabane Hachiman Shrine” is, by Sakanoueno Tamuramaro, was opened to enshrine the Hachiman God.
Therefore, as “Victory of God” of the armed-intelligence, it is all excited faith from such as students and athletes.
There is a divine favor to the amulet and marriage.

In addition, since that can in Akabane Hachiman Shrine “the original 8 luck charm” has become a hot topic among Kanjani-eight fan, is a popular shrine for women.



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