Temples in Buddhism worship facility. It is a facility priest and religious ceremonies.

Widely used as a term for a church was originally a Buddhist term that, except the Shinto religions and Temple.
It was where the practice originally believed the teachings of the Buddha Temple and the enlightenment to people living.
Also in preaching to the people in General.

Temple buildings are classified and inhabited by “Doutou” shrine to worship (apotheosis) and Monk States “Soubou”.

“Doutou” is, refer to the Buddha or Buddha’s Tomb and was originally a different type.
Multiplied by an umbrella to avoid the heat and then settled, became a temple in China and elsewhere.
Chinese styles come in Japan, that stood three-storied pagoda, five-storied pagoda and seven towers.
Japan garden building defense towers, including 11 weight and weight 13 stone pagodas, but that same meaning also.

“Soubou” named the Vihara in India, where monks stay.
Pointed to the land donated from the Buddha to jetavana (gionnshouja, jetavana-vihaara), or gradually built monk, that live in caves.
Build a monk and temple culture into China has increased.
Hotel Bellevue towers, temples and so in the same place that towers and Monk becomes normal.